Come dance with us !

In the last decade Marckolswing ! has showcased the top Classic Jazz bands.

Three years ago, dancing groups took part and Marckolswing ! has since then devoted the first night of the festival to Lindy Hop aficionados. It soon became clear that the music and the body language of Swing were inseparable.

The eleventh edition of the festival will in this vein cater for dancers each night, a dance floor being available during the second set. Bearing in mind that Marckolswing ! is first and foremost a fully-fledged musical event, the concert format will be kept in place for the first set. The onus thus remaining on the music, for one to enjoy the finer harmonies of  Classic Jazz to the full.

We are also launching our first Swing Dancing masterclass which will be given over two days by Mr Lennard Westerlund who has been the face of Lindy Hop's revival in Europe for over 30 years. Mr Westerlund will also be giving a talk on the history of Swing Dance, illustrated by footage from the 20's to the 50's.

Get up and dance or sit and listen : no more need to choose,you can now do both !

We're hoping lots of you will come join in, to make this new format a resounding success.

Swingingly yours,

Christophe Erard, Musical Director


P.S. For the non-dancing music lovers, no need to fret. Ample seats will be kept aside right in front of the stage so that the music may be enjoyed to the full, with the dance floor further to the back. An extra platform will be set up in the back of the hall, offering full view of both the dance floor and the stage.

Please state your seating preference when booking.


THURSDAY 17th MARCH 6 p.m. - Covered Market venue :  Arrival of the Swing Bus, with Lindy Hop dancers 8.30 p.m. - Community Hall :  Christophe Erard et son trio Jazz (ALSACE) 1930s Songs Christophe Erard (singing), Florent Kirchmeyer (guitar), Ray Halbeisen (clarinet), Nicolas Poirot (piano) From crooner Jean Sablon (Paris, France) who initiated the French public to jazz and Django Rheinhardt, to Fred Astaire who got the world dancing to Hollywood's musicals, the band will take us on a tour of famous and forgotten 1930's tunes.  Nicolle Rochelle & the Fantastic Harlem Drivers (USA/PARIS) Swing & danse ! Nicolle Rochelle (vocals), Alain Marquet (clarinet), Lou Lauprète (piano), Bernard Brimeur (double-bass), 
Jelly Germain (dancing, tap-dancing), Caroline Podetti (dancing) With her golden voice and bubbly charm, Nicolle Rochelle is the very picture of the Swinging Twenties. This American singer, who was Jérome Savary's Josephine Baker on the Parisian stage, has shaken up the French Jazz scene in every which way. Alongwith the Fantastic Harlem Drivers, musicians and dancers alike, she strikes the perfect note to get Marckolswing ! off to a flying start !



Photo © Nguyen Anza


© Gunnar


Photo © Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs

FRIDAY 18th MARCH 8.30 p.m. - Community Hall :  Bernd Lhotzky / Louis Mazetier (GERMANY/FRANCE) Stride Piano Bernd Lhotzky (piano), Louis Mazetier (piano) Welcome to the Franco-German stride piano summit meeting ! Having featured in previous editions of the Marckolswing ! Jazz Festival, (one in 2011, the other last year), both pianists are Europe's most recognised masters in this style of music. They will meet this year around their pianos and are set to send sparks flying.  Malo’s Hot Five (BRITANNY/GERMANY/NETHERLANDS/AUSTRALIA) Hot Jazz & Swing Malo Mazurié (trompet), David Lukács (clarinet), Shannon Barnett (trombone), 
Félix Hunot (banjo), Bernd Lhotsky (piano) The 24 year-old trumpeter from Brittany, France has already toured the whole world (USA, Japan, South Korea, Africa...) and met scores of musicians. He has put together this high-flying quintet to get us swinging to the sound of red-hot jazz music.



Photo © Urs Homberger, Sascha Kletz

Photo © Angela Wylie, Béla Szaloky, Eric Esquivel

FRIDAY 18th & SATURDAY 19th MARCH  Swing Dance Workshop (INTERNATIONAL) For its 2016 edition, Marckolswing ! is launching its Swing Dance masterclass, aimed at dance-lovers in the region and from all around Europe. Co-hosting the first edition will be Mr Lennart Westerlund from Sweden, one of the most prominent revivalists of the Lindy Hop Dance style in Europe and the charming Belarusian Alexandra Alhimovich. Register on : + further details in the flyers below
SATURDAY 19th MARCH 6 p.m. - 'La Bouilloire' (movie theatre) :  « The Vernacular Lindy Hop » LECTURE A lecture in English - with French translation – given by Mr Lennart Westerlund who will share his unequalled knowledge on the birth and development of the Lindy Hop movement from the 1920's to the 1950's as well as his great collection of movie archives. 8.30 p.m. - Community Hall :  Andrej Hermlin’s Swing Dance Orchestra (BERLIN) Swing, Swing, Swing ! Andrej Hermlin (piano and leader), Bettina Labeau (vocals), David Hermlin (vocals, tap-dancing), 
along with 12 other musicians ! (trompets, trombones, saxophones/clarinets, guitar, double-bass, drums) Drawing from the extensive repertoire of the main exponents of 1930's and 40's Swing Jazz music, namely Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw among others, the Swing Dance Orchestra led by Hermlin sr. on piano promises to be an unforgettable and timeless experience, bringing the 11th edition of the festival to a fiery close in a whirlwind of swing.


Photo © G.U. Hauth



Full rate per concert : 25 €

Concessions (under 26, students, job seekers (proof required))19 €

Vitaculture card ticket price :  5,50 €

3-night PASS60 €

EAT & DRINK (Nems, vietnamese soup, sweet&sour pork) :

 - Early sitting from 19.30 to 20.15

 - Second sitting from the interval onwards

Tickets may be bought at door or booked on +33(0)3 88 92 78 99

Registration and information re. WORKSHOP on +33(0)6 22 87 31 27

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